The “Powles” name in Australian karting dates back to 1959 with Jim Powles an engineer building his own original kart for his  son Graham. This would become the begining of a 50 year heritage for the Powles family. Graham who went on to win multiple national championships and represent Australia overseas through the 70’s 80’s and 90’s then continued the same transition his father Jim had started by building his son Glenn a miniature formula one car for Glenn’s fourth birthday.

The seeds had been planted early as Glenn adapted his driving skills quickly moving from the days  of driving around the backyard to competing on track racing gokarts at the age of eight, Glenn competed successfully winnning an Australasian title aged ten. Further successful years in rookies would follow before a serious illness would sit Glenn out of the support for two years.

Upon returning to the sport in juniors Glenn maintained his competitive spirit showing through many races strong results before steping up to compete with the best in the JICA CIK Australian championships. Glenn proved his consistency standing on the podium at 3 of the 4 state championship rounds and finishing 3rd in the Australian championship. Glenn also went on to win the Goulburn Valley sports person of the year.

The evolution of Glenn’s racing would continue when he moved to senior ICA to become he first Australian driver to race the Trulli Kart brand under the Remo Racing banner.Showing his raw speed Glenn took many pole positions at CIK events and was a consistant title contender racking up many podium finishes and fastest laps. In 2003 Glenn went on to win four of the five CIK ICA state championships and win the CIK ICA Australian championship. Glenn was also a recipient of the the presitgeous Dunlop drivers driver award which was voted by the sports elite drivers. Glenn ventured overseas on multiple occasions representing Australia showing maturity and speed Glenn competed against some of the best teams and drivers from around the world to finish an astonishing 3rd at the 2003 CIK ICA Asia Pacific Championships held in Suzuka Japan.Through the assistence of Remo Racing and the results achieved by Glenn whilst racing for the Trulli Kart brand Glenn was invited as a special guest of Jarno Trulli for the 2003 and 2004 Australian Formula one grand prix.

Persuing a career in business Glenn developed his skills as a graphic designer by teaching himself whilst gaining five years experience in the signage industry learning digital print techniques along with vehicle wraps and signage application on a vast amount of substrates. Combining both a love of design and motorsport GPD was formed in 2008 and continues to grow and strive to provide the highest quality products that deliver results.